This is my own story of faith, hope, love, and a happy ending. It did not seem like it was ever going to happen. I was skeptical sad, and disappointed, until I finally met Sandy, the beautiful woman who gave birth to my daughter. It is more than two years ago. I cant believe the time went by so fast.

Nothing would ever have been possible without Elizabeth’s help and the wonderful job she has done. Not only professionally but human and loving work.

Sandy is a very special woman. The way I look at her now and my relationship with her was Liz’s responsibility and doing.

Before I got involved in the adoption world, I used to judge birth mothers as if they were mean, careless or even bad people. But this is NOTHING farther away from the truth.
All the way around, the gift of love that Sandy brought to my life can not be paid with all the money in this world.

I learned how to love this woman and how to understand her circumstances that led her to make such a hard decision. I shared many things with her including doctor’s appointments, lunch time, some shopping.. and all of this made me much closer to my daughter that was growing in her womb….

She told me that all this love she has for her baby was the reason she was giving her to me. The minute she handed the newborn to me, it really felt like I had given birth myself. I cried while hugging this young woman in the hospital room. It was as if we fused together in that hug. It was an act of compromise of raising “OUR” baby with all our LOVE from both of us.

Of course afterwards was the legal stuff which was secondary to all the emotional acts of the baby. It was perfectly handled and finished by my very professional attorney and friend since, Elizabeth.

As everybody can imagine this has been the most wonderful and unbelievable experience in my life. We struggled a little bit for money, because we went through infertility treatments before, (I guess everybody tries this first..) I still think that looking at my twenty months old daughter running towards me saying MAMA, is worth it and more than anything else.

I WISH every woman that really wants to be a mother and every family that wants that child can have a happy ending like we did. Just a piece of advice: PRAY, AND BELIEVE and put all your energy towards this dream. I did, and it worked. Don’t ever think on the “other possible” end. And you’ll get the family that you always wished for.

Do not hesitate to contact me through Elizabeth if you need that encouraging time or advice. I had that from them and it was a very important part of my journey.

Peace and Love,

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