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Knowledge is power.  Information is liberating.  Education is the premises of progress, in every society, in every family.



The role of responsible family life and parenting is an on-going question that individuals and families face from one generation to the next.  The single-mother parent has always existed, but over the years, the many complexities of life have become more evident in shaping the future of society.  Each day when an expectant mother or any caregiver’s eyes open from a night’s sleep, daily decisions need to be made about how to care for the child. Caregiving decisions differ within all families and cultures.  Individual differences in beliefs about infants and parenting have important effects on choice and the effectiveness of parenting behaviors.

Specializing In:

  • Realization – Introduction to Parenthood
  • Expectations – Newborn needs and care
  • Nutrition – Identify and Compare Nutrition Facts
  • Education – What do I need to be successful?
  • Career/Finances – My Next Move
  • Environment – Housing Needs: Where? How?
  • Perception – Defining who you are and your perception of yourself
  • Choices & Resources – What options do I have available for me?
  • Reflection

Learner Outcomes:

  • Motivates and promotes personal involvement.
  • Gains knowledge and education in skills using analysis and interpretation to help make the right choices pertaining to one’s own current situation.
  • Changes attitudes and values since facts alone do not.
  • Provides a proactive stance to advocate for change rather than accepting existing conditions.
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