Counseling & Mentoring


A birth parent has a right to receive supportive counseling from a counselor, social worker, physician, clergy or attorney and such counseling would be beneficial to the birth parent.  This service is paid for by the prospective adoptive parent and is free to you. All of your counseling services should be non-judgmental.  Each person and every situation is different.

The Law Office of Elizabeth Berkowitz prides itself in offering counseling option to birth mothers. All Counseling needs are recommended to parties not affiliated with this office because you are entitled to have support that is private and privileged. The Law Office of Elizabeth R. Berkowitz will provide you with names of  counselors that want to help you.



What is a mentor?  ~ A mentor is someone who provides a proactive stance to advocate for change rather than accepting existing conditions.

The Law Office of Elizabeth Berkowitz offers a non-judgmental one-on-one trusted mentor for support 24/7 throughout your pregnancy.  Every person and every situation is different.  Your mentor is here to listen, help manage your stress, provide support, guidance, wisdom, but most of all care about YOU and your needs and feelings.

Our staff is committed to helping you and your needs.

Call, email or text, if you are ready to talk.  If you prefer not to talk just yet, fill out our Confidential Contact Form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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