There are many services elsewhere. What makes your services unique?

Our office staff  is hands on with every case. We recognize that every case is different and therefore require individual attention. We have been dedicated to helping birth parents, adoptive parents and adoptees for many years and we are  proud of the personal care we give.  We would be honored to be a part of your adoption journey.

Is it really all that helpful to meet with a counselor during my pregnancy?

Absolutely. We will respect whatever decision that you make in regard to counseling but we want you to be aware that you are being supported.

I feel alone, scared, & discouraged about my future. Will I recover from this?

There is no recovery necessary because this decision to place your child for adoption is the most incredible, selfless act that you will ever do. Obviously, there is a grieving process and we will not minimize that. However, this selfless act is a gift that you are giving your child to have a future that you want them to have. You are putting your child’s needs before your own and that is what a parent is supposed to do.

How do I decide who to tell about my pregnancy?

It is so important to have a support system. You should tell people who you trust and who you want involved in your decision making process. We will help you tell your family members or friends, if you feel that you want our assistance.

I am obsessing over this decision. How can I find peace and calm at a time like this?

Breathe. You are not alone. Your safety and welfare is more important than anything else. When you go on an airplane, you are always told to put on your air mask before assisting your child. If you cannot breathe than you cannot help your child.

Do you have any other questions to ask? 

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