We treat all birth parents with respect and integrity.  There is nothing simple about what you are doing.  However, this is the time when we are here to support you and your decisions.

– Availability to Attorney 24 / 7.

– Coordinate counseling and support by a third party Licensed Clinical Social Worker and/or  birth parent counselors.

– Assistance with living and uninsured medical expenses as permitted by law.

– Assistance with obtaining prenatal care.

– Ability to choose adoptive family and decide on the type of adoption you would like to  pursue (Open, Semi-Open, or Closed).

– Formulation of adoption plan that can include post birth communication with the adoptive family including exchange of letters and pictures during the span of the child’s life.

-Medium for post birth communications with Adoptive family, if any.

-Referral to community resources.

Life Skills Teacher, Career Strategist:  A one-on-one mentor who is there for you daily to help guide with all concerns.  Available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Your life skills teacher, mentor, and education/career strategist is here to help in any way that is needed.  Ex:  Housing, Resume, Job Placement, Goal Setting, Life Skills, etc.

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